First Shutter Press – The 360 Nano

First Shutter Press – The 360 Nano

I recently purchased a 360 nano camera to dibble-dabble with 360 photos and video…

First step... I have an iPhone 5s, so I needed a lightning adapter (the 360 nano is shaped to fit iPhone 6 and newer). A lot of people were like buy an adapter, file it down, but I did some hunting on amazon and got the iNINJA(TM) Dock Extender Adapter, and it worked perfectly.

Second step… The companion app (obtained by scanning QR, plugging 360 nano into your iPhone, or searching) has some nice community examples to get you excited. The UI is a ever so slightly clunky, but easy once you get it.

Third step… plug camera into adapter, adaptered (is this a word?) camera into phone. Find the shutter button in the app. The camera doesn’t really let you tweak many (any) pre shoot settings (ISO, focal distance, brightness, contrast, etc.)… There’s the shutter button.

This isn’t a review, this is my impression after the first press of the shutter…3, 2, 1… (snap)

It takes a good 360 image for the price-point, and has some cool features. I added a filter, so you’d think I’d have duck face, but I don’t (sorry for the build up). I was able to share this image on the Insta360 community page (like their 360 social network), but haven’t figured out sharing on other social media platforms yet.

First impressions, this is a great little thing for $200, well worth it. The box doubles as a (not great) google cardboard…but I tell you I got geeky goosebumps when I saw that feature…just, well thought out, it’s a bonus. The image is better than the 360fly 4k ($500) i tested the hell out of, even at lower resolution. I guess more pixels isn’t best if those pixels look like shit.

I can’t wait to use this on my summer vacation in Turkey, and also to get better with it…it’s a consumer grade camera, but a pro could totally use one of these in their back pockets…and it’d totally fit.

– Nick ( just doing stuff )

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    November 2, 2017

    Very Nice!

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