Quick Bite 03 – Quickly Change Course Wide Slide Properties from Story View

If you choose “Resume Saved State” or the Storyline default “Automatically Decide” for all your slides in complex courses, sometimes things can break within SCORM 1.2.

Here’s a quick way to change your slide properties to “reset to initial state” from Story View.

I’ll typically use a variable to track “has a user completed this screen yet?”, and then “Resetting to initial state” allows them to redo the interaction to their hearts content.

To me, it’s the best user experience…Make me do it, let me do it again if I want, but also be able to skip it if I’ve already done it.

**Disclaimer – it’s always better to start with Reset to initial state.**

**Disclaimer 2 – you might have to change some of the logic of your screens to make this work the way you want it to when “resetting to the initial state.*


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